About the company tec4U

tec4U employs experts with industry experience in different fields. We develop application-oriented services and software for our customers.

Who we are:

Specialists from various disciplines

We think of our workforce as "co-entrepreneurs" making a vital contribution to the development and realisation of ideas for increasing efficiency.
tec4U teams are comprised of experts from various fields (mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, process engineering, power engineering, chemistry, information technology, legal background and human resources development). This interdisciplinary collaboration results in practical solutions.

What we can offer you:

Data service and software for requirement-compliant products

We support our clients throughout the entire data management process, from data searches and data collection through data validation and notification of suppliers or customers to data entry into proprietary or third-party systems. A portion of our expertise goes into developing software that provides day-to-day support both for us and for our customers.

Compliance with legal and customer-specific requirements

Our secure business processes and tested product and material data help our clients to reduce liability risks, in turn enabling them to survive in the international market. They also reduce the risk of returns, development changes and damage to the firm’s image.

Skills management for motivated employees

Employees with specific skills that meet the company’s needs represent a company's human capital. We help our clients to identify, document and implement human resource development programs. We help our clients to gain access to numerous regional and national funding options. .