Professional Development

The ability to react quickly and with flexibility to constantly changing market conditions is one of the main prerequisites for competing successfully in the market. To accomplish this, you must see to it that your employees are constantly developing their skills and keeping them up-to-date. 

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Ralf Unruh
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What we do

Guidance on professional development (Needs assessment)

We will support you by analyzing your employees’ professional development needs and then identifying your professional development goals.

Skills management (supervision and support, course selection)

We will identify specific course content, tailored to meet your company’s needs, and will plan, organize and document your professional development programs.

Seminars and workshops (engineering, economics, law, foreign languages, etc.)

Our cooperative arrangements with select experts and training providers will give you access to a wide range of course topics.

Funding programs (state government, federal government, EU)

We will provide your company with the opportunity to obtain grants from regional and nationwide and European funding programs for professional development and innovative projects.