Facts and figures

tec4U in figures

Founded 1999
Employees 30
Who are we? We are an engineering and software company.
What do we do? We offer data service and software.
Topical focuses Fulfilment of legal specifications, qualification management
Customers Focus producing industry and trade
Orientation International

Development of our services

                      GeMaSy   SOL
                    MDS.web   SOL
                  EnTruck   ING
                CoChecker   SOL
              REACH / RoHS   SOL
            RRR   ING
          Consulting about development process          
      IMDS   SOL
    Professional Development   ING
Dismantling documentation software (DEMAP, RQuote)          
Recycling strategies for cars   ING
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Cross industrial material compliance, software products, guidance on professional development
SOL Services of tec4U-Solutions GmbH ING Services of tec4U-Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH